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Friday, 30 May 2014

    Atom is a Greek word, which means a thing that cannot be broken. It is smallest particle of matter. It is no longer undivided and unbroken. The scientist have broken it further smallest particles. They are called electrons, protons and neutrons. They release great power and energy. It was Albert Einstein who began to work on the theory of producing energy from atom in 1905. He explained
many things. First he showed that matter and energy are different forms of the same thing. In other words, matter can be converted energy and vice versa. Second; a small amount of matter produces a great amount of energy. The discovery of atomic energy is one of the wonders of the modern science. 
           Atomic energy is double edge weapon. It can be utilized for destructive as well as peacefulpurposes.  The scientists, first of all used it for destructive purposes. The prepared atomic bombs, hydrogen and cobalt bombs which could destroy cities and towns within twinkling of an eye. It was in 1845, that a single atom bomb destroyed Hiroshima and
Agasaki. It killed thousands of men and women and destroyed vast area of land. Now all the big power posses much more atomic and dangerous hydrogen bombs. They can raze world into ground it they are carelessly used.
     Atomic energy can also be used for the welfare of mankind. The scientists in USA, England, France, Canada and Germany are at work for peaceful use of nuclear energy. An atom for peace conference was held at Geneva to this over the use of Nuclear energy. The USA has already started to use this energy to propel submarines and space rockets. The Russians have also harnessed for space travel. At present electricity is being produced from Atomic Energy in advanced countries like USA, Russia and Britain. Our scientists are also trying to find the ways of using atomic powers as fuel in ships, aero planes, motor car etc. At present reactors for boiling water exist in different countries.
Atomic energy is safely used to conquer many fatal diseases. Radium is used in the treatment of cancer. Radio therapy is an important of medical sciences. It is used to destroy the over grown cells of our body. The isotopes of sodium, potassium, bromine and iodine are used to know the origins of the disease. The atomic energy is of immense help to alleviate human sufferings.
     Atomic energy has also brought a revolution in the field of industry. Petro and coal are well known sources of energy and power. The supply of these tow sources of power is coming to an end. The world is in search of another source of power. It the nuclear energy. Electronic machines and computers are being used for in our industry. They are used in the plastic, glass, paper, textile, rubber and cement industry.
    Atomic energy is also of great help in agriculture. The barren land can be tilled into smiling fields with the help of computerized tractors and machines. Crops can be ripened within a very short time. The yield of crops per acre can also be multiplied. In this way, the scientists are trying to solve the food problem. We can say that atomic energy can be used within full advantage for the welfare of mankind. 

Monday, 14 April 2014


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